Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop Prompt

One of the prompts for this week from Mama’s Losin’ It! is right up my alley. I chose:  Do you love YouTube? Share five of your all time favorite YouTube videos. Choosing which prompt I wanted to do was the easy part. Having to narrow down my favorite videos to a mere 5 was the hard part.

5. I can remember being a little girl and just singing my heart out when this song came on the radio. Of course, it didn’t really matter to me what The Manhattan’s song was about. I just liked the lyrics. However, I did think the song was about a man having to let his maid go. Don’t ask me how I came up with this but it did give me a good chuckle when, as an adult, I heard the song again and understood what it was really about.

4. If you read my blog, you know I like me some Tequila! No feet discrimination, I say!

3. Remember when you were just starting out with make-up? Did anyone else start off with the light blue and pink eye shadow?? Man, that was so popular when I was in Junior High. I think what makes me chuckle about men and make-up, is how much they don’t pay attention to the process we go through. Even when their wife does make-up videos.

2. One motivational speaker I NEVER get tired of listening to is Les Brown. I follow him on Twitter and have liked his Facebook page. Recently, he started a group on Facebook and I was excited to get an invite to the group.

1. I came across Katie Piper’s story as I was browsing through YouTube one day. Katie had the misfortune of meeting a man who changed her life in a way you wouldn’t imagine. Although Katie had a tough time at some points, she managed to turn things around and share her struggles with the world. I admire people like Katie because sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the not just the power of thought but having the strength to have that power.


Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

In a previous post, I confessed I am a secret judge. The other night, I took a stroll down the videos of talent and those with dreams. I came across a group called, The Zimmers. I was instantly curious and couldn’t wait to watch the video!

What an absolute delightful group!

I knew in that instant, they are the type of people, commonly called——————>elderly, I want to be when I’m their ages. My body may age over the years but my mind and spirit will remain alert and young!

Are they not absolutely delightful????!!!! Gone are the stereotypes that as we get older we lose our ability to have fun, to do crazy, zany things. Where is it written we’re to be tucked away in a retirement home, living only through memories.

How do you picture yourself in your Golden Years?

My Other Job As A Judge

I think, as God was going down His list of creating moi, when He came to the column marked: Singing, He used that opportunity to show God does have a sense of humor.

I adore singing. I am a beast when it comes to not learning the words right, having no clue that you’re suppose to stay in tune, and have this amazing ability to want to belt out the songs that are nowhere near my, uh-hem, voice range.

I give the most amazing performances in my house. I do not, I repeat, do not get deterred as the neighborhood dogs gather in my front yard howling during my free concerts. I can ignore them and my own four-legged grand-dogs.

I told ya, I’m the beast!

The only time I’ve ever watched American Idol is when Sanjaya Malakar was a contestant. That was because of the snippets I heard about him not really having talent and his crazy hair styles. I watched two shows with him and that’s it.  I loved him! He was so adorable, hopeful, and  doing his thing.

On the other hand, I will spend hours watching various auditions for hopeful singers on YouTube. I get into my judge mode, I make my calls before they open their mouths and a lot of times, I’m just as blown away as the real judges.

I tend to gravitate towards the singers who have been through hard times and are sometimes placing their last shred of hope in the hands of strangers. I love a happy ending. Kevin Skinner comes across as a good ol’ country boy but wow when he starts singing. I bawl every time I watch Lascel Wood’s video. Luke Lucas cracks me up in his  youthful crush. Matt Cardle did make it through after his audition. I watched another video and he is amazing. Little Anna Graceman gave me chills as she performed! Only 11 years old at the time!!!!!! Katie Smith is cute as a button and has an awesome voice. I love the jaw dropping moment when Greg Pritchard opens his mouth! You never know what talent will come out of the unique package presented on stage!

I’m sharing a few of my faves I’ve come across during my unofficial status as a judge. I have been inspired to practice for the next concert. Enjoy!

RIP Whitney

I’m a big fan of Ozzy Osborne. Have been for years; since I was about 17 to be exact. The first time I saw the Osborne’s show, I thought it was some kind of comedy but to my amazement, I found out later it wasn’t. Through watching the show, I came to like Sharon, as well. She’s a little spitfire, to say the least. So it’s no surprise that I have liked Sharon Osborne’s page on Facebook.

My daughter is the one who told me Whitney Houston died. I don’t know why, but I was really shocked to find this out. I’ve looked around a bit to see what happened and at the time of writing this, I still don’t know. My daughter heard she’d drowned in her bath tub after taking pills but we’re not sure if that’s the real story.

Later, when I went on to Facebook, this was at the top of my feed: 

Sharon Osbourne‘s status.
“Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and now Whitney Houston. We’re all just hypocrites because we are all guilty of mocking them and being cruel
while they were alive and it always takes for them to die before we shower them with praise and adulation. They were addicts and there are many addicts still alive. Don’t mock them, just help them.”

When I read Sharon’s status, it really did make me take a step back and think about the various artists we have lost over the years to addiction. 

I’d never heard of Amy Winehouse until her “Rehab” song and even then, I wasn’t aware of her struggle with addiction at the time I looked her up. However, as her addiction became more publicized, I  always hoped she’d find a way to beat her addiction. 

Michael Jackson, of course I’ve heard about since my childhood, but I wasn’t aware of his struggle with addiction. Although, looking back, it would make sense considering his life as a pop sensation and the constant accusations of being a child molester.

Whitney Houston’s addiction was something I was aware of. I’d seen the pictures of her when she was beyond thin or the clips where she was apparently on something, trying to perform. I always felt a sense of sadness for her. For all of the artists who struggle with their addiction, scrutinized in the public eye.

I think Sharon made an excellent point in her post. The public is quick to snatch up the dirt on famous people when they’re facing trying times in their lives. 

It brings to mind all of the people who suffer from addictions, who aren’t thrust into the spotlight. Most of us know someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. It is a sad and painful road for addicts as well as the people who love and care about them. So why do we add on to the burden of someone’s addiction because they’re famous? Why aren’t we more supportive and less judgmental?

Whatever Whitney’s demons were, she struggled. She left behind a beautiful daughter, loving fans, and a family who will miss her dearly.

RIP Whitney.

RIP in peace to all of our loved ones and friends, who have struggled against their addictions. 
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