Tickle Your Funny Bone

Hey my peeps!

I’ve been a fan of Ed Bassmaster for a while. Recently he’s added some new characters and I’ve instantly fallen in love with this one.

I bust up just looking at the thumbnail of the first video. When you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. (I think that’s my favorite part of both videos.)

Let me know which one you like and if you have a favorite YouTube comedian, please share it with us in the comments.


Last Week On Who’s That Chelle’s Facebook Page

Hey everyone! Here’s what was going on last week on my Facebook Page! Laughter is the best medicine and I wanted to share some of the funny videos which had me in stitches.  I’d love to have you join us over there! Hit like on the side. 🙂

My Other Job As A Judge

I think, as God was going down His list of creating moi, when He came to the column marked: Singing, He used that opportunity to show God does have a sense of humor.

I adore singing. I am a beast when it comes to not learning the words right, having no clue that you’re suppose to stay in tune, and have this amazing ability to want to belt out the songs that are nowhere near my, uh-hem, voice range.

I give the most amazing performances in my house. I do not, I repeat, do not get deterred as the neighborhood dogs gather in my front yard howling during my free concerts. I can ignore them and my own four-legged grand-dogs.

I told ya, I’m the beast!

The only time I’ve ever watched American Idol is when Sanjaya Malakar was a contestant. That was because of the snippets I heard about him not really having talent and his crazy hair styles. I watched two shows with him and that’s it.  I loved him! He was so adorable, hopeful, and  doing his thing.

On the other hand, I will spend hours watching various auditions for hopeful singers on YouTube. I get into my judge mode, I make my calls before they open their mouths and a lot of times, I’m just as blown away as the real judges.

I tend to gravitate towards the singers who have been through hard times and are sometimes placing their last shred of hope in the hands of strangers. I love a happy ending. Kevin Skinner comes across as a good ol’ country boy but wow when he starts singing. I bawl every time I watch Lascel Wood’s video. Luke Lucas cracks me up in his  youthful crush. Matt Cardle did make it through after his audition. I watched another video and he is amazing. Little Anna Graceman gave me chills as she performed! Only 11 years old at the time!!!!!! Katie Smith is cute as a button and has an awesome voice. I love the jaw dropping moment when Greg Pritchard opens his mouth! You never know what talent will come out of the unique package presented on stage!

I’m sharing a few of my faves I’ve come across during my unofficial status as a judge. I have been inspired to practice for the next concert. Enjoy!

Favorite Thing Friday

So what’s this picture about? Anyone recognize this perfume?
I have a little story behind this awesome scent.

Does anyone remember this song by Stevie Wonder?

Both tie into some of my most favorite memories from my childhood.

When we lived in Germany and I was probably around 7 or 8, my parents were good friends with a couple named Sheila and Bernard. Sheila was quite a few years younger than her sweetie and had a strong desire to have children. Bernard, on the other hand, wasn’t so eager to have any more children. So Sheila would have me spend weekends with her and spoil me like nobody’s business. Of course, I didn’t mind. I mean hey, if she needed a little girl to treat like a princess, I was more than up for the job. She’d let me stay up as late as I wanted. I was pampered to the point where she’d settle me in bed, turn the TV on and let me eat my dinner.

I adored Sheila. Her heart really was made out of pure gold. She had a kindness about her which she extended to every person she met. I admired her long, silky straight brunette hair, which flowed down her back. I spent hours playing with her hair. We had so much fun together and I was always a little sad for the weekends to end. 

Sheila always smelled good. I never knew what the scent was and being so young, I didn’t think to ask her. But that scent never left my memory. I spent years sniffing endless perfume samples trying to find the perfume Sheila wore. I’d always end up disappointed. It was hard to explain the scent to the sales people, especially when I didn’t have a clue to any part of the name. Looking back, I’m surprised no one had an intervention for me as I was determined to fulfill my quest!

The usual routine on my weekends with Sheila was for her to pick me up on Friday. She lived a little distance from us so to make it fair, my parents would pick me up on Sunday. My parents would socialize with Sheila and Bernard for a few hours, which I didn’t mind at all. During one of these visits, Sheila and Bernard pulled out a Stevie Wonder record. (Yes, I’m from the days of records and 8-tracks.) They put the song on and both began to sing it to me. I was embarrassed and humbled all at the same time. I think for me, it really marked just how much they both cared for me.

When I was around 14, I wandered into the PX one day and did my normal sniffing. I became ecstatic when I finally came across the scent I identified with Sheila. Memories flooded over me so strongly along with the happiness I felt during the times I spent with her. It was:

Coty Wild Musk!

I snatched up a bottle and I have been buying this perfume ever since. It is a heavier scent so I tend to wear it more during the winter time. In fact, I just sprayed some on me before I started my post. I am smelling very good as I write this!

I don’t know whatever happened to Sheila and Bernard. I like to think that she eventually had the child or children she so desperately wanted. She was definitely one of those women who had a wonderful and natural instinct to nurture and make a child feel like she was on top of the world. 

That’s my Favorite Thing Friday!

What awesome or special memories
 do you have from your childhood?

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